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3hrs Ethics Webinar ONLY $29.95
when ordered as part of our 24hr. package

  • Resident producers must complete 24hrs of CE; three (3) of the 24 must consist of Ethics taught in live webinar.
    Meet your 3hr Ethics requirement by attending one of our webinar sessions.
  • 3hr. Ethics Webinar

    Webinar - Webinar Dates 5/11_5/26_6/14_6/27- 07/12| 07/26| 08/11| 08/25| 09/13| 09/27| 10/14| 10/26| 11/10|11/27| 12/27| To Register for Any of these Dates Call 847-455-5311
  • Save by ordering your entire 24hr CE Package at the same time.

Illinois CE Requirements:

CE Courses Cannot Be Repeated Within a 2yr. License Period.
$1.00per credit hour STATE REQUIRED filing fee will be added at check-out.

Your state suggests that you complete your CE at least 30 days prior to your renewal or risk a late fee for a late renewal.

more Illinois Insurance info Check Your License Status State Website
Exam Requirements: Illinois Continuing Education exams are not required to be monitored. NO EXAMS for class or webinar courses.
Courses Provided By: AHI Real Estate & Insurance Services #101654

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All discounts will be applied at check out.
Your state suggests that you complete your CE at least 30 days prior to your renewal or risk a late fee for a late renewal.

Individual Course Menu Hours Price Before Discount
Ethical Responsibilities For The Insurance Agent - Webinar 
Only $29.95 when ordered as part of the 24 hr package.
3 $59.00
401K & IRA Programs 
Annuity Suitablity & Best Interest Standard  
Qualifies For the 4 hour Annuity Reguirement
4 $29.00
Ethics: the Guide To Success -  
General credit only
Fema-Flood Insurance Required Course 
3 $19.95
Health Insurance Principles 
Homeowners, Auto & Personal Property 
11 $29.75
Insurance Principles 
Life & Health Solutions 203 
11 $29.75
Life and Health Principles 
Life Insurance Principles 203 
11 $29.75
Long Term Care - Partnership 
Required IL Long Term Care Course
Long Term Care Insurance 
10 $29.75
Medicare, Cobra & Disability Plans 
Planning Life & Health Needs 203 
11 $29.75
Principles of Buy Sell Plans 
Property & Casualty Insurance 
11 $29.75
Property and Liability Insurance 
Understanding Annuity Plans 
11 $29.75
Understanding Home and Auto Ins. 
Understanding Personal Property Insurance 
11 $29.75
Understanding Property, Liability & Motor Vehicle 
Understanding Umbrella Insurance 
11 $29.75

Illinois Insurance Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing Education Hours
  • 24hrs biennially
Specific Course Subject Requirements
    Ethics Requirement:
  • 3hrs Ethics Class or Webinar per renewal (no self-study permitted)
    Flood Insurance Requirement:
  • One time 3 hour requirement on flood insurance.
    Long Term Care (LTC) Requirements:
  • Initial 8 hour training course - "Long Term Care Partnership" - must be completed prior to selling or soliciting Long Term Care Insurance products.
  • Producers must complete a 4-hour course on the subject of long-term careĀ within 24 months of the completion of the 8-hour initial training course, and every 24 months thereafter.
    Other State Specific Requirements:
  • none
Continuing Education Due Date
  • Same as license renewal date
License Renewal Date
  • Last day of the birth month, biennially.
Approved Continuing Education Course Type(s)
  • Self-study (book format)
  • Online
  • Classroom/ Webinar
Carryover of Continuing Education Hours.
  • Maximum 12 hours may be carried over to the next reporting period.
Course Repetition
  • Courses may not be repeated within a 2yr. license period.
Proctor/ Monitor Requirements For Final Exam
  • Exams are not required to be monitored.
  • Classroom / Webinar courses require NO final exam
  • IndividualsĀ holding a temporary license

  • Individuals holding any of the following limited licenses: baggage, limited travel health or trip cancellation sold in connection with transportation by a common carrier; industrial life; industrial health; and insurance issued by a local mutual district, county or township insurance company.
Certificates Of Completion
  • Print your certificate of completion online once you have completed your exam.
Reporting Of Continuing Education Hours
  • AHI reports credits earned to State Based Systems.
  • A mandatory state filing fee of $1.00 per credit hour will be added to each order.

Although efforts have been made to ensure that the information provided here is accurate and current, AHI Real Estate & Insurance (AHICE.com) nor its employees warrant or represent that this information is accurate and current. Please consult your state licensing agency for the most current laws and regulations. All information is subject to change without notice.


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